#300 to operating condition.



#300 in excursion service.



#300 for generations to come.



The general public and our members about #300.


Restore #300 to operating condition.

#300 has been stored inside a warehouse since 1991. The brake system is well beyond it’s service intervals and will require a full COT&S in order to pass its single car air test before shipment. All mechanical systems (generator, air conditioning system, Glycol heating system, refrigeration and freezer systems), though in operation when the car was placed in storage, will need to be thoroughly inspected, cleaned and reconditioned if necessary. Once the car is fully operational, attention will be directed at the exterior of the car. We intend to repaint the car in it’s circa 1980’s Norfolk and Western scheme, complete with road number 300 and road name “Roanoke”. Attention will then turn to the interior. The carpet will be replaced with Pullman reproduction carpet, the draperies will be replaced, the wood paneling will be cleaned and polished, all furniture upholstery will be steam cleaned, all bedroom mattresses will be replaced, all wood furniture will be cleaned and polished, all stainless steel surfaces will be cleaned and polished and the JennAir stove will be cleaned and tested. Returning the car to Amtrak certification is planned, but only when financially feasible.


Operate #300 in excursion service.

#300 will be added to the Little River Railroad’s excursion consist. #300 will also be available for charter, perfectly suited for small corporate gatherings, birthday parties, Christmas parties and special events.


Preserve #300 for generations to come.

Through the hard work of our members, #300 will be cared for, paying attention to every detail to ensure that the car will live on in our care for generations to come.


Educate the general public and our members about #300.

The general public and our members will learn first hand about the role #300 played while in-service on the Norfolk and Western, how the car works and the history of Pullman passenger cars.


We rely on the generosity of our members and supporters to help fulfill our mission of restoring, operating and preserving

Norfolk and Western Business Car 300 for generations to come.